Why we got rid of our chicken in 2023

Every homestead starts with chickens, they are not only a great source of food but they are great at naturally tilling the land, they help keep bugs at bay and they’re just lovely to have. Chickens should be a main character in everyone’s homestead when you’re first starting because of how much they can give you. Chickens were the first animals we got on our homestead, they’ve been a part of our lives for at least 8-9 years it sure was a bittersweet moment when we said goodbye to them.

Last year in the summer of 2022 we started to slowly convert our whole family to becoming plant-based due to overall just being healthy. We wanted the best for our kids and there’s been so much information on why meat is not the way to go. Even if we raised them ourselves, meat causes illnesses that come up later in our lives. Our food source is just not the way it used to be and it’s been very scary learning that so much of our food is ultimately poisoned.

Trey, my husband has been struggling the last few years health-wise because of an unknown autoimmune issue. He started eating a plant-based diet while trying to discover what his condition is and truly, a plant-based diet helped him recover. I’d love to talk more about this in later posts because we want to help people that have the same issues as him and it’s not easy finding a system that works.

Because we became plant-based, we didn’t need the eggs or the chickens for food anymore and we didn’t want to waste the prolific resources they produce so we decided that it was time to say goodbye to our lovely chicken family. We didn’t butcher them but rather, we donated them to a neighboring family who also has a large family themselves who could surely use the chickens for their family.

The chickens we have are called Black Australorps, they do amazing in our desert climate. They are resilient, they do well in the heat or cold and they lay delicious brown eggs (oh yes, I still do think about eating eggs all the time) they are also very friendly so they do great with a family with children. We’ve had them for years and we’ve only had a couple of mean roosters which we took care of 🍗 but other than that, all of them are lovely to have as part of the family. If you are in a dry desert area like us we recommend you get some Black Australorp chickens yourself.

We did keep a couple of chickens and we still have our ducks, we kept our chickens because they will be able to help till our ground and we love them and chickens are always a fun part of a homestead.

Check out the video below to watch the video of our day:


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