Starting a blog in 2023 – What I learned Week 8

starting a blog in 2023 week 8

Phew! 2 months have gone by, I feel like I’ve really kept my momentum going with this blog posting 2 posts a week and I feel like I’m on a roll.

When you set things up and realize it’s not even working

I remember I mentioned I added Google Analytics to my blog a couple of weeks ago but I realized it’s not working and I’m honestly not sure why, I followed the instructions fully from reading multiple blogs on how to install Google Analytics. I’ve commissioned my husband to assist so let’s hope we get this going so I know exactly how much traffic this blog is gaining.

After all this work I’m putting into it, I’m hoping it’s gained a little bit of momentum ey?

Blog set up

This week I’ve looked into different ways other bloggers have set up their blog and I’ve definitely gotten some inspiration and I’ve set up this blog to look a little better, really played around with layout and tweaked a couple of things and have a better understanding of the way my theme works. Gosh I can literally spend all day tweaking, reworking the blog and honestly, it’s quite hard.

Customizing the blog, making it look exactly the way you want is hard especially when you don’t have a background in web design. I know Trey’s been pushing me into taking courses on HTML, Javascript and CSS but honestly, I’m just not interested and it’s been really difficult for me to get into it and be consistent with learning it. I know ultimately I’ll have to take the course for my own good, especially since I have this blog and I can literally use it on this platform and practice but I’ll really have to work my heart into it.

Product Photography and Food Photography

I’ve also been working on fun recipes at home and I’ve realized that blog photos need to look legit. Now I do have experience taking our own photos for Eden Body Care and so now, I know I just need to translate that into food photography to make our food look good for blog posts.

For example, this is one of the first photos I took of our Spelt Crackers: Recipe here.

Spelt crackers

I’ve realized this looks decent, (maybe not even, whatever) but it’s not as Pinterest-y as it should be. So I knew I needed to remake these and take better photos so I made better looking crackers, stacked them on a plate and took them outside to take this photo below:

I realize it’s no way perfect, but it looks more appealing to me and you can do lots more for example, I can take the background off and edit this in Canva to make it look nicer. I can also add it to a Canva template and add text to make it look more professional.

It’s all about improving on things slowly, one step at a time to finally get the shots you need. I’ve learned to take photos of soap, now it’s time to learn to take good photos of food. Wish me luck.

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