Starting a blog in 2023 – What I learned week 7

starting a blog in 2023 what I learned week 7 featured image

starting a blog in 2023 what I learned week 7

Journey Into Blogging: Chronicles of Week 7 – Analytics, Pinterest, and Growth Strategies

Here I am, rounding off my seventh week in the blogosphere, and oh boy, has it been an adventure! This week, I dipped my toes into the pools of analytics, learned how to pin effectively on Pinterest, and concocted a strategy for organic growth. Curious about the nitty-gritty? Let’s dive right in.

Google Analytics – What is it? How do you get started?

Firstly, I tackled the mammoth task of installing Google Analytics. For those of you unfamiliar, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you understand your audience, track website traffic, and analyze key performance metrics. It is like having a magnifying glass to scrutinize the minutest details about who is visiting your blog, what they like, and how they interact with your content.

Starting an account with Google Analytics is pretty straightforward. Here’s a simple guide for beginners like myself:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account and head over to the Google Analytics page.
  2. Click on “Start measuring” and fill in your Account Name.
  3. Click “Next” and set up your property. Enter your blog name and choose the reporting time zone and currency.
  4. Click “Next” again and fill in the “About your business” details to help Google provide personalized recommendations.
  5. Now, click “Create”. Accept the terms of service, and voila! You have a Google Analytics account.
  6. Finally, install the Global Site Tag on your WordPress blog. Head to your WordPress dashboard, find the “Theme Header” (header.php) file under “Appearance>Editor”, and paste your tracking code right after the opening head tag (“<head>”).

Despite my careful adherence to these steps, I experienced some hiccups, which I’m sure I’ll eventually iron out. Stay tuned for updates!

Pinterest – My organic growth strategy to optimize my time

Meanwhile, I’ve been embracing the quirky and creative world of Pinterest. For the uninitiated, Pinterest is an online platform that is a mecca of inspiration and creativity. It’s like walking into an endless online fair of ideas, where each booth (pin) offers something unique – from DIY crafts to fashion trends, recipes, blog posts, and so much more.

Following a self-imposed ‘marketing strategy’, I’ve begun creating and scheduling pins to promote my existing posts. By doing this, I’m planning a week ahead and saving myself from last-minute pin-creation panics. Clever, right?


Now, you might be asking, “What about Tailwind?” Well, yes, my dear husband Trey suggested it long ago. Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler tool that can maximize your reach. But it comes with a price tag. For now, I’m focusing on manual pinning and organic growth. After all, the journey is as crucial as the destination. And, believe me, there’s a special kind of joy in seeing your work flourish from your efforts.


So, here’s to all of us striving to make it work without shelling out big bucks. After all, resourcefulness is a blogger’s best friend, right? The blogosphere is filled with tools and tricks to explore and adapt, and I’m excited to continue my journey and share my discoveries with all of you. Until next week, happy blogging!

P.S: Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and tips in the comment section below. We’re all learning together, after all!

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