I started a blog in 2023, hereโ€™s what I learned week 12

I started a blog in 2023 and heres what I learnt week 12

When I think back on how long it’s been since starting this blog, I never would have thought I’d still be consistently blogging. Now, I did skip my second blog post this week (not including this one) because I am writing on a topic that requires a bit more time and I really want to focus on quality content and not just quantity and how fast I can write a piece. Plus, this week has really kicked my buttock and my brain cells need a bit of a break.

I’m so glad I decided to include this extra piece of content to write about, the “I stated a blog in 2023, here’s what I learned in week (blank)” series! This piece seriously saved my butt this week! ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

The love for recipe sharing

I’ve learned that I have a lot of every day recipes I like to share with you and those are not hard to put up but they do require some time to take delectable photos of the end product and of course requires lots of planning and testing.

The thing with cooking for me is, I just cook – it’s an every day activity that I’ve learned how to handle and take care of. I don’t have time to read recipes and measure everything. Even for baked goods, most of the time I just wing it and I’d love to share the art of this… “winging” because it really saves so much effort and time.

I plan on sharing more tips and tricks on how to do this “winging cooking” technique and what I like to properly call “Instinctive cooking” method because it will simplify your life so much, especially when you have a large family and you need to get food on the table before the sun goes down (been there!).

Speaking of recipes, this week I shared the fastest blender pancakes recipe using Spelt! Check it out here: https://haipath.com/how-to-make-vegan-blender-pancakes-using-spelt/

Blog additions – Plug Ins You Should Install

As a new blogger, you can totally get engulfed and overwhelmed by all the plugins there are in the world of WordPress because there are just sooo many! I have recently added a few new plugins I want to introduce you to if you’re starting a blog in 2023 just like I did.

Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media)

I’ve recently added floating links using the plugin Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media) to hover over my blog and think it’s a great addition to any blog because it lets your readers pin your blog posts and explore more places to find you at! This is helpful because it looks professional (like you really know what you’re doing) and it just adds a touch of Call to Action to your blog pages.

This plugin is totally customizable and very easy to install and set up, check it out and let me know what you think!

Recipe Card Blocks for Gutenberg & Elementor

If you’re in the food space and love sharing recipes, this is a great starter recipe plugin to add to your blog. It creates the perfect little printable option at the end of your blog, it also allows you to add the “Jump to recipe” or “Print recipe” button at the top of your recipe page so your readers can get right to the recipe at a click of a mouse. I love this plugin because it’s so easy to set up and share a recipe and make it look bloody legit!

Coming up with blogging topics

Now I have read that it’s a good idea to niche down your blog, however I’ve got so much on my mind that I really wanted to just share what’s on my mind, what I’m inspired to write and what I want to share to help other people. I often think of questions people may have regarding subjects I understand and have experience with, what are people thinking about when they are switching to a plant based diet? What do people want to eat when they are looking for alkaline baking recipes? And with this, I will start writing blog posts on these topics.

We’ve gained some good traction with these types of posts on Eden Body Care such as “Why is goat milk soap so good for babies?” If you Google this, our blog post pops right up on the first page. Also, “How to use and store bar soap?” Now these rank well because they are simple questions people ask on Google, I wrote these posts because I too was Googling this exact phrase and thought it would be a great idea to answer those myself.

People will always have problems they need answers to.

Rosa – The Hai Path Blog

We all have been there looking for a simple answer to a question so imagine, 80% of the world’s population also have questions they need answers to. Well, you just may have that perfect answer for them!

So I end with this…

Blogging is about finding your passions, sharing of knowledge, answering questions your community has and and staying consistent.

Rosa – The Hai Path Blog

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