How To Use ChatGPT For Home Organization and Management

how to use chatgpt for home organization

Welcome to the world of AI home assistance! It’s no secret that technology has transformed our lives. Among its offerings, one stands out – OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This clever assistant can simplify your daily home management tasks, making life a touch more effortless.

ChatGPT is more than just an AI – it’s a reliable partner. It helps plan meals, organize schedules, assist with homework, provide home maintenance tips, and even share a delightful conversation. Stick with us as we explore the ways ChatGPT can add a dash of convenience to your home life.


How To Use ChatGPT For Home Organization and Management

Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a super-smart computer program created by OpenAI that’s like a chat buddy. It’s been taught with lots of different types of text from the internet, so it’s pretty good at understanding and answering in a way that makes sense and fits the conversation. Because it’s learned from so much text, it can help with lots of different things. This includes helping you write emails, create written content, and much more.

To get started with ChatGPT, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an account and begin using it:

  1. Navigate to OpenAI’s website. The specific URL may vary depending on the platform hosting the AI, but usually, it would be something like:
  2. Look for an option to sign up or create a new account. This is typically found at the top right corner of the website.
  3. Fill in the required information such as your email, full name, and a password of your choice.
  4. You’ll often have to verify your email address. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email and follow the instructions provided.
  5. Once your account has been verified, you can log in using your newly created credentials.
  6. After logging in, you’ll find a text box where you can start a conversation with ChatGPT. Simply type in your query or prompt and press enter.
  7. ChatGPT will process your input and return a response within a few moments.

Once you’re all set up, let’s get into organizing our crazy mom lives with ChatGPT! Here are my favorite ways to use ChatGPT for our family of 7.


Menu Planning

I started a new chat with ChatGPT to help me plan a wholesome plant based menu for the week to see what it spits out. Here’s what happened.

I fed ChatGPT with this prompt:
I need a menu plan for the week for my large family of 7. We need wholesome plant based recipes that are alkaline and we don’t eat corn so don’t include anything with corn. Please break this down into breakfast, lunch and dinner with 1 snack in between. We love using Spelt flour and fresh fruits and vegetables.

ChatGPT responded with:

chatgpt meal plan

chatgpt meal planning 2


ChatGPT was able to create a full menu according to what I asked it, even down to not include any meals with corn! This is incredibly helpful having a week- long menu plan that’s written out for you in seconds. It streamlines the task of meal planning for any busy mom but also ensures the family enjoys a variety of wholesome meals that are nutritious and delicious.
By knowing what’s on the menu each day, it saves time on grocery shopping, reduces the daily decision making stress so you can spend more time doing other things you want to do. This also really helps when you are out of ideas or you just don’t even want to think about meal planning!


Grocery List For Your Meal Plan By ChatGPT

Great, we have a menu plan! But can ChatGPT help us by breaking every recipe down and creating a shopping list so we can create these meals just by telling it how many people we have in our family? Let’s see.

I then fed the prompt: Now can you provide a shopping list for the above menu plan to feed 7 people?

Here’s what I got from ChatGPT in return.

chatgpt shopping list

chatgpt shopping list 2


This is very helpful, it even breaks it down by Dry Goods/Pantry Items vs. Fresh Produce. This will not only help with the actual shopping trip but if you’re doing a grocery pick up run, you can adjust it to how you’d like to fit your budget and needs.


Recipe Creation

For many of us, we need that exact recipe to create all the meals we need for the week – can ChatGPT give us a recipe for say… Friday night’s Curry Dinner it planned for us?

I fed ChatGPT this prompt: Can you give me the recipe for Friday night’s dinner of an Alkaline Vegetable Curry with Brown Basmati Rice?

Here’s the response:

chatgpt curry recipe breakdown 1

chatgpt curry recipe breakdown

Not only did it list out the ingredients for this recipe, it also broke down the whole written recipe so you can follow it step by step for your dinner!


Finding Substitutes

I wanted to challenge it a little bit, I see there’s a spelt bread recipe listed so I wanted to see how a baked recipe would look like. I asked for Thursday’s Lunch Recipe of Stir Fried Vegetables and a side of Spelt Bread. It gave me a recipe using baking powder which we do not use. When I first told ChatGPT I do not use baking soda, it returned a sourdough recipe however, we stopped making sourdough so we don’t have the starter so I wanted to find another substitute.

Now, I know the substitute for baking powder which we normally use, that is apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

So this is how I worded my next prompt: I don’t have time for sourdough bread, can I substitute the baking powder with vinegar and baking soda? Give me a new recipe using these 2 ingredients as a substitute.
This is the response I received:

chatgpt spelt bread recipe with baking soda and vinegar

Well done ChatGPT, you nailed it! This spelt bread recipe would work great for our family. It also included the note “It will start to fizz” which is a very nice touch to warn its readers while baking this bread.


Laundry Schedule

Coming out of the kitchen, I thought it would be helpful to split our laundry tasks between our kiddos to help out. Since we have 7 people in our family including 5 very playful, rowdy children who likes to play in dirt and play with the animals, we need our laundry done every single day (at least that is the goal).

Here’s the prompt I gave ChatGPT to create a schedule for the kids to put in a load and switch the load into the dryer:

I need to create a new laundry schedule for my 5 children.
We do our laundry every day and would like at least 1 load done a day but I want to rotate tasks amongst our 5 children.
The youngest is 5 and he can usually pair up with our 7 year old.
Can you create a daily laundry schedule for a week to include starting a new load and switching the load into the dryer?

Here’s the schedule ChatGPT created for me:

Laundry schedule chatGPT

Laundry schedule chatGPT 2

ChatGPT was able to create this schedule within seconds and this is perfect, every child is rotated equally and best part, I didn’t even have to think about creating this grand plan – now all I need to do is convince the kids to help and stick to this schedule…


Cleaning Schedule or Chore Chart

Well since we started with laundry, we may as well try asking ChatGPT for a cleaning schedule for our family of 7. Let’s see what we can come up with and how specific we can get.

I fed ChatGPT with this prompt:

I need an organized weekly cleaning schedule routine made in a table for my family of 5 kids. My kids are Taylor age 12, Simeon age 10, Georgia age 8, Tammy age 6 and Pete age 4. I need age appropriate tasks for our children to do during the week, normally I like to pair Pete and Tammy together on tasks.

These rooms are important to keep a regular cleaning schedule: Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room.

We also like the idea of the FlyLady cleaning routine so we’re not overwhelmed with deep cleaning.


Here’s the response from ChatGPT:

Absolutely, it’s a great idea to involve the kids in household chores as a way to teach responsibility and teamwork. Below is a weekly cleaning schedule based on the FlyLady cleaning routine, which emphasizes tackling small tasks daily to avoid getting overwhelmed by one big cleaning day.

I’ve created age-appropriate tasks and paired Pete and Tammy as requested:
Chatgpt chore chart

For the younger kids, the main task is to pick up and put away their toys, which can be a fun game of sorts if presented right. For the older ones, I’ve assigned tasks that might require a bit more responsibility but are still age-appropriate. Remember, it’s important to provide clear instructions and make sure the kids understand what’s expected. Also, rotate the tasks from time to time to avoid boredom and to give everyone a chance to learn new skills.

Please adjust this schedule as necessary for your family and your home. Happy cleaning!


This is actually a very doable list if I say so myself, it really organized different tasks and the chart included tasks that are very age appropriate!


To Do List

Everyone needs a to do list once in a while, or all the time like I do because I tend to forget just about everything I need to either purchase, donate, pack, read, you get the message – I forget a lot! I wanted ChatGPT to not only let me write down my to do list but really organize them according to priority and see if it can do it.

Here’s my sample to do list prompt for ChatGPT: here’s my to do list for the day and I need you to organize it according to priority:
Menu plan for the week
Finish laundry
Make Soap
Work on Spelt Bread Recipe blog post need to be done ASAP
Call Vet
Finish cutting soap – need to be done ASAP
Create invoice for Whole Foods


Here’s what I received:

ChatGPT to do list organization

This actually was the perfect layout and really organized according to priority. You can clearly see how it’s listing the “need done asap” projects first, even listing out the Call Vet during business hours. This would work if you have a ton of different tasks you need to prioritize and you just don’t have the mental capacity to do so yourself and just need a quick assistant to help you out.


Homeschool Curriculum

As you can tell our lives at the Hai Path headquarters can be quite busy and sometimes overwhelming and we need a little hand in finding inspiration for homeschool lesson planning/homeschool curriculums. We do have a set curriculum we are using currently but it’s nice having other options. I decided to ask ChatGPT to see if they can recommend some resources for our 6th grader.

Here’s my prompt: Can you suggest some websites or companies that offer a great homeschool resource/curriculum for free for my 6th grader who loves Marine Biology?


I did not only receive a list of resources but also all the links to take me directly to the site! Here’s the response:

chatgpt curriculum search

I’m sure you can do this for any subject and tailor it to your child’s needs, you can ask it to recommend reading websites for whatever age your child/children are, some out of the box subjects like woodworking/art and so much more. You can seriously see the potential here!


Organize your garden

Can ChatGPT help with organizing my gardening schedule? I wanted it to help me with keeping track of planting dates, watering schedule and when to harvest them. I think this can be so useful particularly when you’re just jotting down a bunch of dates and you don’t have the time to look through every single type of vegetable to know what the watering schedule should be like.


Here’s my prompt for ChatGPT: I planted some vegetables and I need a table to organize when I created it, what the watering schedule should look like and when will they be ready for harvest. Please sort this out for me!
Planted: Swiss chard seeds 5/1/23
Carrots 5/5/23
Kale 5/6/23
Bell Peppers 5/8/23
Jalapeno peppers 5/12/23
Ghost Peppers 5/15/23


This is the organized table I received!

Chatgpt gardening schedule

I am quite please and really feel this will cut down so much time when you are planting a whole variety of different plants and seeds at once.


Planning Activities

How ’bout planning activities? As a mom, it’s hard trying to think of ideas for you and your family to do especially when you’re already busy keeping up with everything. Why not ask ChatGPT? I’m going to be specific in my prompt and see what it can suggest.

Here’s what I asked my friend: (yes, ChatGPT is now my friend considering it’s been my personal assistant planning just about every aspect of our home lol)

I need some help planning family fun family activities for our family of 7, our children’s ages range from 5-13. We love the outdoors, we like to keep things on a low budget and we are strictly vegan. We are located in Northern Nevada in the Reno area. Can you please come up with 10 activities, places to see and things to do and organize it in a table please?


This is the response received:

ChatGPT planning activites

What an excellent selection of outdoor-focused activities and destinations, many of which are cost-free – perfect for our budget-conscious family! It’s simply astounding: with just one query, we’ve got ten potential adventures lined up in mere seconds. Now, planning an outing for your family is as easy as a click of a button. Isn’t that remarkable?


The possibilities with ChatGPT are virtually endless. With a myriad of applications, it is much more than a conversation partner – it’s your personal assistant, ready to lend a hand with whatever task you have. Whether you’re planning a day, cooking a meal, or managing your home, ChatGPT is there to make life a touch more effortless. Here’s to embracing the future of AI assistance, today!


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