How I Quit Being Just A Homemaker and Started A Business

How I Quit Being Just A Homemaker and Started A Business fi

From playing ‘Office’ as a kid, to being a homemaker and now a proud owner of a goat milk soap business, my journey is a testament that we can redefine ourselves at any stage in life. I’m here to say, fellow homemakers, you too have immense potential to create something special. Dive into my story and may it inspire you to take the first step towards your own business journey!

In the beginning, I played “office”

When I was a kid, I always played “Office” where I would pretend to answer phone calls and write notes just like a secretary would back in the 90s. My mom was a secretary and she did lots of paperwork and so I grew up watching her in her business attire, making phone calls, entering data on a computer and I thought that was exactly what I wanted to be when I was an adult. I didn’t know why, it looked like she was important and that’s what business folk do.

Being raised in a family of just 3, I was a spoilt only child. I was never allowed to go in the kitchen where dangers were and I was always taught to marry rich so I didn’t have to work a day in my life. That was the typical Chinese family upbringing, marry the rich man! (IYKYK) so I never thought about what if I didn’t, because I didn’t really care about the money nor did I know what it really meant. I always had dreams of being a movie star, a singer, a dancer, an artist if you will and I was always on the creative side.

As I grew older, I moved to the United States to be with my now husband of 14 years. We were never rich, we made enough to survive and when we started having kids, I grew into the role of being a housewife, a homemaker, a stay at home mom. My husband was the sole bread winner and we’ve always been happy, we never asked for much and we were straight. I didn’t even think I needed to come up with something to help build our empire, never thought of contributing, why would I? We’re taken care of right?

I was like stagnant water, I was growing putrid.

“In still waters, nothing grows. In moving waters, life thrives. Don’t be stagnant; keep flowing, keep changing, keep growing.” – Avijeet Das

I realized as I look back in time I was like stagnant water, yes I had my babies and my family but what was I doing to really grow personally, discovering new ways to also help the family? I was just getting by and not realizing the affect it had on me and the family because I wasn’t really doing anything, I was not growing. My husband knew this and he knew my creativity, honestly he knows me better than I myself most days, ha.

When you’re just going through the motions, just getting by, just doing what’s enough to keep the family going, it’s not enough. God did not create His people to just sit around and do nothing. He created us to shine His light upon the world and for others to see His love and His glory, I was no where near doing this and my husband saw this.

We had several conversations and he kept encouraging me to find something that I was interested in, even until today he encourages me to find things I love to do and pursue it.

The Goats and the Homestead

As we created our beautiful family, we also took the step toward becoming homesteaders. We moved from the middle of a busy city to the outskirts to start this homesteading journey. We wanted to see if we could do it by just getting some land near the city we were living in and try it out. We started our homestead with a couple of chickens, a few sheep and that grew into what we have now over 10 heads of Nigerian Dwarf goats.

This was our new lifestyle, we loved the community we had around us, the lifestyle that surrounded us and the beauty homesteading brings.

A Flame Ignited

An acquaintance of ours started swapping his homemade goat milk soaps for more goat’s milk to keep making more soaps. We got to try some and was really intrigued with the whole process and heard many great things about goat milk soaps being amazing for the skin. So, we decided to give soap-making a shot. This really got my creative juices flowing, and I found myself hooked on all these soap-making videos. I was blown away by the cool designs people made and loved the idea of making a soap that my family could actually use. This stirred up excitement in me and I found a fun new hobby that could potentially generate an income for us.

The first stages of Eden Body Care when I finally purchased some larger molds. I still had a small cheese cutter as a soap cutter!

A flame ignited in me, I was in my zone of creativity being able to mix colors, create different swirls, mix fragrances, and also, documenting this and showing people what I created and they too, can actually use this quality soap I was making!

Think of creativity like a spark. It’s something small that can ignite into a roaring flame inside of us. When it catches, it’s like a light bulb goes off in our brains, pushing us to do something amazing. It can start from a simple idea or a new hobby, just like trying a new recipe or picking up a paintbrush for the first time.

That new thing in your life starts to engulf you and all you want to do is learn this new thing! That’s what happened.

And when that spark turns into a flame, it’s like a turbo boost for our minds. It gets us excited, gets us moving, and pushes us to create something really cool. This fire inside us doesn’t just inspire us, it can inspire others too, showing them that they’ve got their own spark just waiting to be ignited.

Igniting the Spark: Kickstarting Your Motivation and Drive for a Small Business

Imagine the idea for your small business as a tiny spark. It may be just a flicker right now, but with the right fuel – that’s your time, effort, and belief – it can turn into a full-blown fire. This fire is your motivation and drive, the engine that powers your journey. And once it’s lit, it’s pretty hard to put out.

Rosa from Eden Body Care

You’ll find yourself brainstorming at all hours, excited to start your day, and brimming with ideas. That spark can help you overcome hurdles, make big decisions, and keep going even when things get tough. And the best part? When your small business takes off, you’ll realize that the fire has always been inside you, waiting for the right spark to ignite it. So, go on, fan those flames and let your small business idea shine!

Finding Your Spark: Igniting the Path to Entrepreneurship

As we draw to a close, my hope is that this post lights a spark in you. Each one of us has that special “something”, that unique interest, skill, or idea, just waiting to be kindled. That spark might be small now, but it holds the potential to transform into a roaring fire of motivation, driving you to create, innovate, and achieve more. It can set in motion the wheels of your own small business, turning dreams into reality.

So dig deep, find that spark, and let it ignite your journey towards entrepreneurship. Remember, every great venture begins with a single spark. Here’s to finding yours!

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