Best Planners for Small Business Owners – 2023 to 2024

Best Planners for Business Owners

Best Planners for Small Business 2023 – 2024

Are you a business owner, small or big, and you’re trying to keep all things in check, projects on track, meeting notes gathered and brainstorm ideas organized? There are so many options out there that caters to different personalities, schedules and needs. Let’s help you narrow down and share with you some of my top picks no matter what business or lifestyle you’re in.

These planners are beautiful, practical even if you’re not a business owner and just want a planner for your soccer-mom, teacher, musician life! 

What is the Best Planner for Small Business Owners?

Here are my top picks for the best planners no matter what business you have:

  1. A5 Binder Organizer by Lux Productivity – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  2. PLANBERRY Large Hourly Schedule Planner Premium
  3. IFocus Business Planner Undated for Entrepreneurs!
  4. Re-golden Book Calendars
  5. Clever Fox Planner Pro
  6. Effic Planner 
  7. Self Journal 13 Week Planner
  8. Bonus: Simplified Meeting Notebook

1. A5 Binder Organizer by Lux Productivity – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Blue binder planner

Best Binder Productivity Planner $36.21

Set your goals, break them down into small actionable steps, and achieve those goals! I love this find because it gives you the freedom to re-fill this planner as you use it and gives you plenty of pockets to fill with extra business cards, notes, and a pen holder. It’s portable in an A5 size, looks professional and they’re available in 6 different colors!

Key Features

  • Aims to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be, taking the most efficient route possible.
  • Customize with refill packs
  • Multiple colors to fit your style
  • Credit card and pen pocket included
  • Undated pages for you to customize

binder planner daily spread

Buy Binder Planner

2. PLANBERRY Large Hourly Schedule Planner Premium

Planberry planner

Best Schedule and Budget Planner $34.99

Create your vision, set your goals, and find your focus – I love this weekly planner because it’s a well-rounded planner that includes your weekly planning in one spread plus hourly breakdowns, bucket lists and goal setting, personal and business to-do lists to keep your work/life balance and so much more all in one 8×10.4″ planner.

Key Features

  • Includes a core values and priorities list, bucket list, and ideal daily routine
  • Focus on 5 major goals and plan action steps to get you there. Use the yearly to-do list to set deadlines for the big moves you’ll accomplish this year.
  • Your year at a glance gives you a quick reference to all of the important events, password keeper, and contacts

Planberry planner weekly spread

Buy Planberry Hourly Schedule Planner

3. IFocus Business Planner Undated for Entrepreneurs

ifocus business planner

Best Project Focus-Based Planner $29.97

Keep every aspect of your small business organized and on track for one big project – This planner is the ultimate small business planner because it has a daily scheduler that includes a focus tracker for each task, plenty of space for meetings and notes, and a full weekly projects page with hourly breakdowns. I can see this would be best suited for a wedding photographer or a project manager. 

Key Features

  • Project planning and Goal setting blocks
  • Project timeline and deadline scheduler
  • Daily focus plans with 25-minute increments of focus
  • Hourly blocks to schedule meetings or activities
  • Weekly plans to gather important weekly tasks

ifocus business spread

Buy IFocus Project Planner


4. Regolden-Book Calendars

Regolden Book Calendars

Best Spontaneous Planner $13.99

Plan your small business projects while also planning your life with the included meal planner and hourly overview of your day. I like this planner because it is a great price, it covers the necessities of your life and it’s undated and made in a small format that’s perfect for those who do not plan every day of the week!

Key Features

  • Pen Loop included – Put your pen in the pen loop and take your notebook everywhere you go.
  • Includes a Priority Block to take note of all the top tasks you need to complete throughout the day
  • Meal plan and water intake meter to make sure you have sufficient nutrition to run your business
  • Hourly overview to pen in all the important Zoom calls you have scheduled
  • Undated, perfect for the spontaneous planner who does not like to plan every day of the week or month.

Regolden Book Calendars opened to the backBuy Regolden Spontaneous Planner


5. Clever Fox Planner Pro Premium Edition


Best daily and weekly spread planner $43.99

The best daily and weekly spread we’ve seen on 1 page! This will help you get a glance at your weekly project goals, life, and work balance activities and keep track of your daily priorities. This is a personal favorite planner which I may snag for myself. It’s such a unique setup – one side has your daily scheduler and on the right a weekly to-do list, habit tracker, weekly review, and even a doodle/bullet journal section!

Key Features

  • Comes in striking colors to choose from to fit your personality
  • Unique daily and weekly planning in 1 spread
  • Habit tracking, personal to-do list, work to-do list, and life balance to-do list all on 1 page
  • Weekly reflections to keep track of and improve on
  • Monthly review and reflections that help you set goals, and reflect on what areas you’re lacking in and what you’re excited about next month!

clever fox pro daily and weekly spread

Buy Clever Fox Planner

6. Effic Planner

Effic Planner

Best 90-Day-Year Business Model Planner $34.95
I love this planner because it’s created based on the concept of having a big bucket, big rocks, small rocks, and sand. The bucket represents your project, and the way you manage the rocks is how you should be managing your time and tasks. Dr. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said “In our personal and professional lives, we have big rocks, small rocks, and sand. The natural tendency is to give priority to sand, leaving little room for rocks. We spend most of our lives taking care of little tasks and neglecting the important ones, hence the importance of prioritizing.”
effic method
Created By An Entrepreneur For Entrepreneurs: The Only Business Planner Backed By A Holistic Time, Task & Energy Management Method To Strategically Plan Your Next 90 Days, Organize Your Work Week, And Implement Strong Habits & Routines Into Your Busy Life.

Key Features

  • Daily self-care checklist to make sure you’re in the right mindset when you conquer the world
  • Priorities list alongside other task lists to keep you straight as you navigate through your daily projects
  • Idea box – let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we always have a ton of ideas to grow the business! Jot these down as you think of them right in the box.
  • Daily scheduler to keep track of hourly meetings or tasks
  • Evening checkout list to make sure you close your body, mind, and spirit without leaving any tasks behind.

Effic Planner spread

Buy Effic Planner

7. Self Journal 13 Week Planner

Best Self Self Journal Planner


Best Journal Style Planner $32.00

Love to journal but also need planning space? This planner is perfect for you! It’s laid out in a journal format, with plenty of space to jot notes, explore and keep track of your goals while creating the life you love.

Key Features:

  • Journal format, best for creatives and artists that can plan and keep things structured without feeling constricted
  • Comes with a guidebook to help you through your thoughts and how to jot them down
  • Plenty of empty journal pages to give you the freedom to doodle, paint the page and so much more
  • Daily pages, weekly pages, and a habit tracker to give you an overview of what your journey should look like 
  • 8 colors to choose from to fit your need

Best Self Self Journal spread

Buy BestSelf Journal Planner

8. Simplified Meeting Notebook

simplified meeting planner

Best Journal Style Planner $11.99

If you’re a wedding photographer or a consultant, this meeting notebook is your best friend. This keeps your meeting notes all in one place, write in any dates projects are due and keep track of all the details! I can see how this can help a photographer keep track of wedding details, attendees, crucial details and so much more!

Key Features:

  • Easily keep track of your business meetings & appointments, capturing all key points neat & tidy in one safe place
  • Large section for brainstorming or drawings that you come up with while in the meeting
  • Very simple, straight-to-the-point notebook for all the intricate details

simplified meeting spread

Buy Simplified Meeting Notebook



If you’re anything like me, you’d be a sucker for beautiful journals too! But not everyone has the same needs and finding a journal that fits your business or lifestyle is the ultimate goal. When choosing the right planner for you, look at the different layouts on each planner and envision what you can write in each section. If you don’t see yourself use every section, find one that you can use every section of! It would be a lot more resourceful if you can truly utilize all the pages and lines in a planner to fit your needs.

I hope this wide array of planner choices has helped you find the best planners that fit your profession and your personal needs. I’d love to hear which one you’ve picked and what profession or business you’re in! 

This post includes some affiliate links that helps out the family behind this blog, if you purchase something through these links it will not cost you anything but we will earn a small percentage.


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