Our Small Business Journey

2020 : The Entrepreneurial Journey Begun

We started our very own small business selling our handcrafted Goat Milk Soaps on our website Eden Body Care. Word of mouth was our biggest growth opportunity because of the quality of soap we make and we started posting consistently on social media.

2022 : Now Selling our products at Whole Foods Market in Las Vegas

This was a true blessing from God and no other. It took a year worth of working with Whole Foods Market to get our paperwork and the logistics in place and our products were finally on the shelves of our Whole Foods Markets.

2023 : Started This Blog

Through the years of starting a business, we not only learned from our mistakes but we’ve also conquered a lot of fears. Fears of not making it, fears of “Can I do this?” and so much more. We know what it takes and the tools to get to where we are now and we started this blog to share some of the experiences and guide you through it all.

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